July 22, 2016

Who Is Tim Kaine?

Secretary Clinton has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate, and in so doing, she has sent a clear message to the left-wing of her party: drop dead. Already this week, the far-left liberals who have long mistrusted Clinton began pushing back on the idea of Kaine as VP—a refrain you can expect to hear again next week in Philadelphia. See below for more on Tim Kaine:

Career Politician And Party Insider: Kaine has served in elected office for over 20 years and his spokesman once referred to him as “an avid partisan.” During the final year of Kaine’s governorship, he also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Kaine broke his promise to handle party responsibilities on personal time and repeatedly rejected attempts to review his out-of-state travel records.

No “Signature Legislative Accomplishment” As Governor: Midway through Kaine’s term as governor, University of Virginia’s Center for Politics director Larry Sabato said that he would rate him in “the bottom quartile” of the state’s most recent dozen governors. Kaine did not have a signature legislative accomplishment at the end of his term. Having once said transportation funding was “the most urgent issue” he would face, he failed to reach a long-term deal before he left office.

Unfulfilled Campaign Pledges: Of the top six campaign pledges Kaine made while running for governor, he fully completed just one.

Proposed Income Tax Raises: In his final budget, Kaine proposed Virginia’s first income tax increase in nearly four decades, which would have affected those earning more than $17,500, or 60 percent of taxpayers.

“I’m Boring”: When Kaine was asked about his reputation of being too safe and boring to be Clinton’s vice president, he did not rebut it, instead saying, “I’m boring.” Democrats have questioned whether Kaine is aggressive and progressive enough to round out the ticket.