January 3, 2019

Who Will Break Their Anti-Pelosi Promise?

Today, House Democrats will cast their vote for the next Speaker of the House. Thirty newly elected Democrats campaigned on opposing a Pelosi speakership, called for new leadership, or have dodged giving an explicit answer. Gil Cisnernos and Haley Stevens have already caved to the pressure, while others are waffling and planning to vote “present.” Make no mistake voting “present” is a de facto vote for Pelosi by lowering the number of votes she needs to win.

Who will stay true to their word and who will break their promise to their constituents with their very first congressional vote?

We have deployed trackers to the Hill this morning to ask newly elected Democrats about their upcoming vote:

Washington Examiner: “Top Republican groups were planning Thursday to deploy trackers to Capitol Hill to corner newly sworn-in House Democrats who had promised to oppose California Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s bid to reclaim the speaker’s gavel.

“Congressional Leadership Fund, the House Republicans’ super PAC; and America Rising PAC, a GOP opposition research group, is placing five campaign trackers outside of the Capitol, and each of the three House office buildings. Both before and after the scheduled afternoon floor vote for speaker, the trackers plan to ask incoming House Democrats about their support for Pelosi, especially those who vowed opposition during the midterm election campaign.”

Here is who you should be keeping an eye on: