February 26, 2016

Why Is Terry McAuliffe Lowering Expectations For Hillary Clinton In Virginia?

Polls indicate Hillary Clinton has 22 point lead over Bernie Sanders in Virginia, but that didn’t stop longtime Clinton crony and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe from lowering expectations for Clinton in the state.

During a recent interview with Bloomberg’s Al Hunt, McAuliffe was asked if Clinton would win big in Virginia:

HUNT: March 1, Super Tuesday, Virginia is in play. Will she win Virginia easily?

 GOV. MCAULIFFE: It’s never easy. She will win Virginia. But none of this is ever easy. I give Senator Sanders tremendous credit.

HUNT: It is proportional representation. How big she wins matters.

GOV. MCAULIFFE: sure it does, it de pends where you win, with a Congressional district that is important as well. We got out of New Hampshire. I think we both got 15 delegates.

 HUNT: How big a victory do you anticipate in Virginia?

GOV. MCAULIFFE: I will take one vote. I was on TV the night of the Iowa caucus and a win is a win. I don’t care if it is a half a vote. A win is a win, Al.

Maculae’s comments come after The Washington Post reported that youth enthusiasm for Sanders in Virginia might cause the state to slip away from Clinton. The article went on to say:

“A loss or even a narrow victory in the commonwealth on March 1 would be DEEPLY EMBARRASSING FOR BOTH MCAULIFFE AND CLINTON, who on Wednesday launched a six-figure television ad campaign in the Richmond area.”

It appears the cavalry is rushing to the Old Dominion to save Clinton (and McAuliffe) from embarrassment; Planned Parenthood announced late last week that they are launching a seven-figure pro-Clinton ad buy in Virginia.

Taken together, McAuliffe’s obvious attempts to lower expectations and the sudden influx of last-minute cash raise questions about what Team Clinton is seeing internally that has them so worried about a state that should be a lock for her on Super Tuesday.