February 13, 2016

Will Clinton Continue To Stay Silent On Colorado’s Single-Payer Initiative?

On Election Day in November, Hillary Clinton might not be on the ballot. In Colorado, what will certainly be in front of voters is a voter referendum on bringing a single-payer health care system to the state. It’s called ColoradoCare, and it would replace the existing health insurance system in Colorado with one run by the state:

“ColoradoCare, which was referred to as Initiative 20 during the petition-gathering process, would finance health care for every Colorado resident. A small co-payment might be involved when seeing a doctor. And doctors simply would submit a single bill to ColoradoCare, according to campaign literature.”

While Hillary Clinton continues to criticize Senator Sanders’ support for single-payer health care, she has so far stayed silent on Colorado’s plan.

Last November, in an interview with KCNC’S Shaun Boyd, Clinton refused to answer questions on Colorado’s ballot initiative:

BOYD: “I also asked her about health care, including over the counter birth control, and a measure that will be on the ballot in Colorado in 2016 creating a single-payer healthcare system paid for with taxes.” CLINTON: “I know another state has tried that. Vermont tried it. It didn’t succeed the way that they had hoped it would. But because I think because states have every right to different approaches to meeting the needs of the people, I am not going to take a position on it. I think that’s up to the people of Colorado. But I am going to do everything I can to make sure that the Affordable Care Act is defended and that it continues to work better.”

This is a classic example of how Clinton plays politics. When her opponent advocates a single-payer system, Clinton claims its an “idea that will never, ever come to pass.” On the other hand, when liberal voters in an important, early March caucus state have their own single-payer plan she refuses to level the same charges.