July 13, 2016

UPDATED: Will Jason “Pander” Kander Continue Dodging Corrupt Clinton?

UPDATE: Jason Kander came out of hiding and surfaced at the Clinton fundraiser:

Kander may talk a big game when it comes to criticizing Clinton for her “extremely careless” conduct, but he’s clearly not willing to put his money where his mouth is and forego hobnobbing with big donors behind closed doors.


After Bernie Sanders sold out his base and reluctantly endorsed Hillary Clinton in a rocky and raucous event on Tuesday, Clinton is back on the campaign trail, making one of her first stops in St. Louis tonight. Anyone can attend – provided they have an extra thousand dollars or two to spare – according to CBS St. Louis:

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is scheduled to hold a fundraiser in Lafayette Square around four o’clock this afternoon.

The minimum to get in — $1,000, with “premium viewing” seats for $2,700.

But there may be one big name missing from Clinton’s guest list. Jason Kander, Missouri’s Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, is nowhere to be found after making critical statements of Clinton’s “extremely careless” treatment of classified information, as Roll Call reported last week:

One Democratic candidate, Jason Kander of Missouri, jabbed at Clinton. “As I’ve said before, Secretary Clinton’s decision to use a personal email server to conduct official business as secretary of state was a mistake,” Kander said in a statement.”‘I trust the thoroughness and integrity of the FBI’s investigation and respect their recommendation.”

Kander, who is usually vocal on Twitter and loves a good fundraiser, has no public events and has been silent on social media today.

Will Kander continue to pander to Missouri voters skeptical of corrupt Clinton – especially given his past connections to ClintonWorld cover-ups?

Or will he double down on his Party’s damaged standard-bearer, who more than 50 percent of Americans believe should be charged with a crime?

The cocktails and canapes are waiting…