December 2, 2013

Will Kay Hagan Stick Her Neck Out For ObamaCare Over The Next 20 Days?

Today, President Obama will announce a three week push to bring the focus back to ObamaCare’s “benefits.” With the help of Democrat members of Congress, the Obama Administration will highlight a new “benefit” of ObamaCare each day until December 23.

Bad timing, considering The Associated Press reported yesterday that vulnerable Senate Democrats like Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) have been “awkwardly distancing themselves” from President Obama. Just last week, Hagan refused to give ABC11 a straight answer about whether President Obama will come campaign for her next year.

ABC11’s JON CAMP: You may recall Hagan was recently joined at a fundraiser in Chapel Hill by Vice President Joe Biden. We asked Hagan if President Obama was gonna hit the campaign trail on her behalf here in the Tar Heel State. We didn’t get a straight answer to that either. Hagan said she expects he will be in North Carolina campaigning but wouldn’t say if that will include her campaign.

Pressured about why Hagan could not give a straight answer, Hagan’s spokeswoman quickly backtracked from Hagan’s distancing of Obama and said she would “certainly have him campaign” for her.

That’s nonsense, says Hagan spokeswoman Sadie Weiner. Hagan “has said she’d certainly have him campaign” for her, Weiner said. But the campaign’s main point, she said, is to contrast Hagan’s “record of getting bipartisan results for the state and her opponents who are more interested in fringe, anti-middle class policies.”

Just a few short months ago in August 2013, Hagan told The News And Observer that she would be “honored” to have Obama come campaign for her in North Carolina.

Hagan cannot give a consistent answer on as simple of a question about campaigning because she’s afraid of ObamaCare’s disastrous rollout and being exposed for her repeated lie that if people like their plan they can keep it. So, if Hagan can’t even give a straight answer on whether or not she wants to be seen with President Obama, do you really think she’ll be standing side by side with Obama to champion ObamaCare?