November 23, 2015

With Negative News Narratives Swirling, Polls Reveal Key Clinton Vulnerabilities

This morning a set of new polls reveal Hillary Clinton is struggling in both primary and general election match ups.

A new CBS/YouGov poll shows Clinton down seven points in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders (52-45) and her lead in Iowa is shrinking—down to just six points in the Hawkeye State.

Additionally, a new Fox News poll shows Clinton losing to six different Republicans in head to head general election match ups.

Contributing to Clinton’s declining numbers are negative news narratives that will only drag Clinton further down. In the wake of the Paris attacks, fewer Americans believe President Obama is handling the threat of terrorism adequately. As a result, Clinton’s close ties to the president are only hurting her:

Ultimately voters do not like or trust Secretary Clinton—a fact reflected in these polls and the result of fiascos like her private email server. Last week, Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley amped up the pressure on Clinton’s handling of her private emails:

Grassley (R-Iowa) took two new steps last week. On Wednesday, he issued a letter to former Clinton aide Heather Samuelson, who screened Clinton’s emails as secretary of state to initially determine which ones would be turned over to the government and made available publicly, and which ones were deemed private and would later be deleted. Among other things, the missive, obtained by POLITICO, asked what level of security clearance Samuelson had at State; several hundred of Clinton’s emails, which she routed through a private server, have since been deemed classified.

Then, on Thursday night, Grassley blocked the nomination of a top-level Obama State Department nominee, Thomas Shannon Jr., to be undersecretary of state for political affairs. Grassley is seeking documents from State in his long-running investigation of a job arrangement for top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Her designation as a “special government employee” allowed Abedin to work as an adviser to Clinton at State at the same time she consulted for a private company with close ties to the Clinton family.

With new stories like this popping up each week, it’s no wonder voters don’t think Clinton is honest or trustworthy.