February 9, 2016

Word Of A Possible Campaign Shake Up Couldn’t Have Happened At Worse Time For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign manger, Patti Solis Doyle, took to the airwaves to talk about the possibility of a shake up within the Clinton campaign. That should sound eerily familiar to Solis Doyle, who was famously demoted in 2008 after embarrassing losses in early states.

Solis Doyle told CNN that:

SOLIS DOYLE: They’re going to take stock. But look, it’s not good. Particularly the timing. First of all, it’s demoralizing to the staff for the staff who have been working, you know, 16-, 18-, 20-hour days even to read this is demoralizing. Two, the timing’s not great. You know, in 2008 when rumors came out about a shakeup, it happened in New Hampshire. It happened just as the polls were closing. This time around, it’s happening the day before. You know, that could affect turnouts for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s campaign seems to be softening its position on a possible campaign shake up, with chief strategist Joel Benenson admitting they may need to make “strategic adjustments” following New Hampshire.