February 16, 2016

“Worst Assembly Member” Promises To Do Better In Congress

Lucy Flores, a Nevada Democrat running for Congress in the state’s 4th district, recently spoke at a candidate forum in Las Vegas where she touted her experience as a legislator. The former two-term state assemblywoman highlighted her ability to work across the aisle, noting “it’s important to be able to negotiate.”

FLORES: “That being said, it’s important to be able to negotiate and to work with your colleagues across the aisle, which is what I have experience doing in the legislature. It’s very very-it’s a very different world when you’re actually working with people who are diametrically opposed to what you stand for, to actually funding things that matter like education.”

What Flores failed to mention is the terrible reputation she had while working in the state Legislature. In 2013, Flores was rated the worst assembly member by her fellow legislators, lobbyists, and reporters. Esteemed political journalist Jon Ralston corroborated that report, noting that Flores has a reputation for not playing well with others. Flores may like to pretend she’s an effective legislator, but her colleagues obviously see it differently.