February 25, 2016

Worst Ted Talk Ever: The Top 5 Moments From Ted Strickland’s Cleveland Ed Board

It was clear from reporters’ tweets that Ohio’s Ted Strickland did not have a very good showing at his Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsement interview, which was the first and possibly only time in 2016 Strickland agreed to appear with his Democratic rivals P.G. Sittenfeld and Kelli Prather ahead of the March 15th primary.

But sometimes a video is worth a thousand tweets, which the Plain Dealer proved today by releasing video snippets of Strickland’s disastrous performance. Here are his best – or rather, worst – moments:

1. When Strickland called his own record “mixed and spotty”: “Has my position changed over time? It has. Can people criticize me for that? Absolutely…So, yea, my record is mixed and spotty and I could be criticized for that.”

2. When Strickland was forced to deny being a “ghost”: “So, I haven’t been a ghost candidate. I haven’t been hiding from the people.”

3. And asking for a coronation: “At the same time, Strickland said, ‘I’m not asking for a coronation. I’m really working hard to win this election.’”

4. When Strickland defended dodging debates by saying his opponent hadn’t “earned” them: “I just haven’t given my opponent, PG Sittenfeld, a platform that, quite frankly, I don’t think he’s earned through his own effort and work.”

5. When Kelli Prather reminded Strickland that debates are actually about the voters: “Prather, an occupational therapist from Cincinnati, also criticized Strickland for not showing up at Monday’s Democratic debate at the City Club of Cleveland, saying he ‘showed a lack of respect for democracy and our constituents, the voters.’”

BONUS: When Prather blasted Strickland (and Sittenfeld) for “acting like children”: “Boys please, please, really. This is the problem that we are experiencing in Congress today. We have men acting like boys. We don’t get anything done. That’s why you need a woman to come in to office, and you know what – Say you know what, lets compromise. This is ridiculous. You both are acting like children.”