October 4, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Can’t Run From Her Radical Socialist Positions

Zephyr Teachout wants voters in New York’s 19th congressional district to mistake her for a moderate. Yet, Teachout’s associations and positions show that she is a radical big government liberal, with more in common with Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders than Congressman Chris Gibson. Teachout has both been endorsed by the socialist, and endorsed Sanders over Clinton in the Democratic primary.

Teachout’s associations with socialists combined with her provocative positions must be giving voters pause because she is now trying to distance herself from some of her more extreme positions. During a forum hosted by the Poughkeepsie Journal, Teachout was pushed on one of her more radical positions, forcing banks to lend to businesses:

As the video shows, Teachout tried to dodge the question about her support for forcing banks to lend. Yet, Teachout has long talked about policy only a big government liberal like herself could approve of. Teachout spoke about it in the first debate:

“On the local economy, Teachout said if elected she would work to break up the big banks and force them to lend to independent businesses, whom she called the “’true job creators.’”

She also writes about requiring banks to lend money on her campaign website:

“Requiring the banks that we bailed to lend to the small farmer or business owner.”

Teachout’s may lie to the forum moderator about her true and radical positions, but voters know the truth. Before Teachout moved to New York’s 19th congressional district maybe she should have considered that she’s completely out of step with the values of her new home.