May 9, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Criticizes Clinton’s “Disastrous” Libya Intervention

In a recent interview, New York Democrat Zephyr Teachout criticized the Libya invasion championed by Hillary Clinton. Teachout, a candidate for the 19th District and a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter, said the following in an interview with the Milbrook Independent:

TMI: Do you have a comment on the refugee situation that Europe is facing?

ZT: I believe that we should learn from history, from our disasterous [sic] interventions in Iraq and Libya that imposed long-term costs, one of which was the refugee problem.

Clinton played a decisive role in the Libya invasion, and her aides bragged about her starring role in the intervention before the refugee crisis began and ISIS built a powerful outpost in the country. Will Teachout ever be able to rally behind her party’s likely nominee, given Secretary Clinton’s failed leadership on this issue?