October 18, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Endorsed By Radical Elizabeth Warren

Zephyr Teachout, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 19th District, finally won the endorsement of her “hero” Elizabeth Warren, but it won’t be of much use to her in a moderate D+1 district currently represented by a Republican. Teachout now has the support of the two most radical senators in the country with Warren and socialist Bernie Sanders.

Teachout, who ridiculously claims she would be a bipartisan leader in Congress, has made clear once again that she stands on the far left of American politics. Warren threatened to leave “blood and teeth on the floor” to protect her pet regulatory agency. She even said one of her top three accomplishments was throwing rocks at people she disagrees with. Does Teachout agree with Warren’s divisive rhetoric?

New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley want pragmatic leadership, not another progressive extremist in the mold of Warren or Sanders representing them in Congress.