July 12, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Suddenly OK With Clinton’s “Four Big Corruption Problems”

Zephyr Teachout (NY-19) shifted rather rapidly into a Hillary Clinton supporter after Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton today. In an interview with WAMC radio, Teachout said, “I am proud to support her.”

This is quite a shift from her November 2015 Huffington Post op-ed decrying Clinton’s “four big corruption problems”—the Clinton Foundation, speaking fees, her super PAC, and wealthy contributors:

And into this corruption moment comes Hillary Clinton, who has four big corruption problems. None of them have to do with Benghazi. The first is that she is intimately related to a foundation that raises millions of dollars on a daily basis from the most powerful corporations in the world. The second is that she and her husband have made millions of dollars in speaking fees from the most powerful corporations in the world. The third is that a Super PAC supporting her has raised money from individuals representing the most powerful corporations in the world. And the fourth is that shared by all candidates — her fundraising relies on donations from the most powerful wealthy individuals in America.

Teachout began her evolution earlier this month, going silent when asked about the controversial Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch. By the way, we’re still waiting for her answer on that question!

Teachout has proven she will do or say anything to get elected, and her entire anti-corruption platform is one giant farce.