September 15, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Wants Sanders’ Help (As Long As He’s In The Bag For Hillary)

Coming off a rocky debate when she was challenged on several thorny issues from her residency to her hypocrisy on campaign finance, today Zephyr Teachout will be campaigning with self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders. This is just the latest development in a campaign that has proven time after time that Teachout is a political opportunist desperate to win New York’s 19th District.

1. Teachout is an ambitious carpetbagger.

Teachout carpetbagged into the Hudson Valley from Brooklyn in March 2015, a mere two months after the incumbent announced he would not seek re-election. In her ugly 2014 primary campaign against Andrew Cuomo, one of Cuomo’s lawyers even questioned why Teachout listed a Vermont address on one of her campaign finance records.

2. Teachout’s absurd campaign finance hypocrisy.

Teachout talks a big game about her crusade against big money in politics, except when the money goes straight to her campaign account. Next week, Teachout will attend a campaign fundraiser with the billionaire Soros family. She has extensive ties to the mega-rich family, who have spent millions of dollars trying to advance their liberal agenda. The Soros family plans on spending more than $25 million this election cycle.

3. Teachout will appear with Bernie Sanders…but only when he is on Team Clinton.

While Teachout is eager to appear with Sanders’ now, that wasn’t always the case. Just three months ago, Teachout flatly told Sanders that he could not campaign with her because he wasn’t supporting Hillary Clinton at the time. Politico reported, “Zephyr Teachout specifically asked him [Sanders] not to come and campaign for her until he ironed out his eventual endorsement of Hillary Clinton.”

Zephyr Teachout has proven over and over again that she will do whatever she thinks is politically expedient to get to Washington and impose her radical, far-left agenda on New Yorkers.