August 17, 2016

Zephyr Teachout’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

This week, Zephyr Teachout, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 19th District, expanded her farcical crusade on campaign finance reform to personal attacks on Republican donors.

The problem? In the midst of launching hyperbolic attacks on billionaires, Teachout sent out an invitation for a September fundraiser with progressive donor Jonathan Soros, son of the 23rd wealthiest man in the world. Teachout’s ties to the billionaire Soros family are quite extensive for someone who pretends to hate the “corrupting” effect of money in politics. She has sat on the boards of a number of Soros-tied groups. In 2012, Teachout donated to Jonathan Soros’ super PAC. She has also received at least $23,600 from the Soros family so far this year. In addition, Teachout is the former chairwoman and CEO of a super PAC.

Her faux-populist, gimmick-ridden congressional campaign has only further exposed the seemingly endless extent of Zephyr Teachout’s hypocrisy.