Left Behind by Biden

Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is Becoming a Superspreader Event

The Biden-Harris administration’s stringent mask guidance for fully vaccinated Americans versus their open border policies for COVID-positive migrants is a slap in the face to those who have played their part to “flatten the curve” and combat COVID-19.

Restaurant Owners Caught in the Crosshairs of Biden-Harris Administration’s Inflation Crisis

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ skyrocketing inflation is leaving American small business owners and the hard working Americans who experience rising costs behind as they continue fighting to bounce back from the pandemic.

Cuban Americans Grow Frustrated with Joe Biden’s Inaction: ‘Biden is Sitting at the White House Doing Nothing’

The Biden-Harris administration is leaving Cuban Americans behind as they sit on the sidelines and watch while Cubans continue risking their lives for freedom.


From the moment he stepped foot into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden began implementing his radical agenda that has devastated communities across the country. On day one, Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline which put thousands of people out of a job and sent a message to oil and gas workers that they are not valued in Washington. Now, President Biden continues to push for dangerous policies that would wipe out millions of jobs and push cost increases on to hardworking, middle-class Americans. Joe Biden claimed he wanted to “Build Back Better,” but the policies he has championed have left thousands of people behind.

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