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Kamala Harris Would Rather ‘Have a Conversation’ Than Risk Taking a Policy Stance

In case you missed last night’s CNN town hall, White House hopeful Kamala Harris repetitively dodged taking stances on progressive policy issues by expressing her desire to have a “conversation,” rather than telling voters where she stands.

Kamala Harris is Open to Having the Boston Marathon Bomber Vote from Prison

In the #RaceToTheLeft, Kamala Harris followed Bernie Sanders’ lead in saying that she’s open to giving violent felons, including the Boston Marathon Bomber, the ability to vote from prison.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Want to Fix the VA

The sentiment runs counter to years of still-ongoing bipartisan efforts to overhaul the VA after a 2014 Arizona Republic report detailed gross mismanagement that resulted in patient deaths and attempts to cover up long wait times with a secret waiting list.

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