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Situation ‘Out of Control’: More Than 200,000 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Last Month

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ incompetent management of the self-created border crisis threatens the health and security of American families.

Business Leaders Warn Biden Tax Hikes Will Lead To ‘Widespread Job Losses, Slower Growth and Wage Stagnation’

Working Americans will pay the price for Joe Biden and the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree through inflation, stagnant wages and lost jobs.

Joe Biden Is Tougher on Americans Than He is on the Taliban

Rather than holding the Taliban accountable, Joe Biden decided to use his bully pulpit to threaten Americans who oppose his controversial vaccine mandates.

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America Rising PAC was founded in Spring 2013 for the sole purpose of exposing the truth about Democrats through video tracking, research, and strategic communications. We have uncovered countless instances of Democratic hypocrisy and taken action to hold them accountable.

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