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House Democrats Silent on Hakeem Jeffries’ Tax Hypocrisy

“House Democrats’ deafening silence on Hakeem Jeffries’ sweetheart tax deal exposes their egregious hypocrisy. Apparently their outrage only applies to hard-working Americans, and not members of their own caucus.”

Hakeem Jeffries Exposed the Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Taxes

New reports reveal that Jeffries has benefitted from a program which allowed him to dodge thousands of dollars in property taxes over the years. Several members of his caucus have specifically criticized wealthy New Yorkers for taking advantage of the 421-A program in order to pay pennies on the dollar compared to their neighbors.

Border Update: Illegal Crossings Surge, Again

The Biden-Harris administration’s mismanagement of the border created a record-breaking surge in fiscal year 2021 — and now border crossings are accelerating once again.

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