April 18, 2017

2020 Continues To Dominate Warren’s Book Tour

Recent polls have shown that Massachusetts voters have grown wise to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s national ambition. With the start of Warren’s book tour today, it’s telling that Warren is being asked about those national, presidential plans, and not how she’s going to help deliver for Massachusetts in the Senate.

One big stumbling block for Warren though is that before she can embark on a 2020 presidential campaign, she must first win re-election in 2018. Yet speaking with USA Today’s Susan Page, Warren refused to pledge on serving a full six-year term if she were re-elected in 2018:

Warren also had trouble answer questions about 2020 on the Today Show. After a follow up question about a presidential run, Warren could only sit there in silence:

Warren’s silence was telling. She’s clearly already decided that her own objectives trump her job representing Massachusetts. Voters will remember that she’s putting them second when her name is on the ballot in 2018.