August 9, 2017

AAN Poll A Warning To Pelosi Not To Obstruct Tax Reform

Democratic activists have made no secret this year that they want Congressional Democrats to impede progress in Congress no matter what. To that end, extreme activists have pressured and attacked any Democrat who even hints at not hewing to their obstructionist philosophy.

As Congress starts working to reform the tax code though, that pressure to obstruct will come up against the real desire that Americans throughout the country have for Washington to start working again. A new poll by the American Action Network captures the fact that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents want Congressional leaders to work to pass tax reform.

In fact, an overwhelming 70% of all Democrats want House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to ignore the extremes in her party and work to pass much-needed tax reform:

“A strong majority of Democratic voters want House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others on the left to work with Republicans on key issues like tax reform and health care according to a poll released Tuesday. Nearly 70 percent of all self-identified Democratic voters want their party to come to the table to work with Republicans under Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, according to the American Action Network (AAN) poll. Eighty percent of the general population want the opposition party to play by the rules.”

The results of this poll clearly show Leader Pelosi and House Democrats that there will also be a political price to pay if they continue their obstructionist ways. Americans of all political stripes want results, and with tax reform efforts getting underway soon, now is the chance to show voters that it is possible to work together to move America forward.