June 2, 2017

Al Franken Flip-Flops On Kathy Griffin Event

Senator Al Franken’s book tour is off to a rough start. Between the bad reviews and his praise for lobbyists, Franken was already in a bad place.

Kathy Griffin’s bizarre behavior has only made that worse. One stop on Franken’s summer schedule was supposed to be a Los Angeles event with Griffin.

Yesterday though, Franken stood by his friend, saying he would not cancel the event:

“‘I condemned that immediately,’ he told CNBC. ‘I called her. She’s a friend. I told her you can’t do that. She apologized … She asked for forgiveness. She begged for forgiveness.'”

What a difference one day makes. Today, Franken has cancelled that appearance, throwing his “friend” under the bus:

“He added, ‘After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled. I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously’.”

According to the New York Times review, Franken’s book showed him to be a “giant phony.” Now Kathy Griffin is experiencing that first hand.