February 23, 2017

America Rising Announces New Records Requests Targeting Cuomo’s Shady Dealings

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seemingly can’t go a week without his administration doing something suspicious. Earlier this month, the Albany Times-Union published new reporting on the Cuomo administration funneling taxpayer money to his campaign donors.

Now this week, the New York Post reports that Cuomo’s communications director is pressuring state agencies to put out only good news, or else:

“Gov. Cuomo’s office has warned public-relations officers at 55 state agencies to start churning out a lot more good news about the administration — or else, sources said… ‘If you don’t generate more press releases . . . changes will be made!’ Allen declared, according to one source.”

In light of what is clearly a use of New York taxpayer resources to further Governor Cuomo’s political ambitions, America Rising will be submitting a least at dozen FOIAs to state agencies, including one to the Department of Financial Services seen below:

America Rising FOIA To NY Department of Financial Services by America Rising PAC on Scribd

The Cuomo administration plainly sees government as a tool to use on his road to a White House bid. Yet as America Rising has shown recently, we will be there every step of the way holding him accountable.