July 14, 2017

America Rising Calls On Donnelly To Donate Ill-Gotten Outsourcing Profits

Senator Joe Donnelly’s half measures aren’t going to cut it. The Indiana Senator has been on the defensive since the Associated Press uncovered that he was making tens of thousands in profit from a family company that had shipped American jobs to Mexico.

In a panic, Donnelly has now announced that he was selling his stock in the company. That’s not good enough. In the last three years, Donnelly has made as much as $80,000 in dividends from his outsourcing investment.

Right now, Donnelly’s action makes it look like he’s fine with profiting from outsourcing, unless the Associated Press is reporting on it. If Donnelly really wants to do the right thing, he’ll donate the $80,000 to charity immediately. Only that will show that he has not profited from shipping good American jobs to Mexico.

Yet no matter what Donnelly does, the damage is already done to his political prospects. The story has made front page news across the state, to devastating effect. See below for the front-pages that show Indiana voters that Donnelly put his profits over Indiana jobs: