July 10, 2017

America Rising PAC’s Anti-Cuomo Efforts Gain Attention

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) might have a re-election campaign to worry about next year, but it’s his increasingly national focus that’s getting all the attention right now. Over the weekend, the Buffalo News published a front-page story that looks at how recently, Cuomo “talks not just like a governor, but like a president.”

As part of the Buffalo News story on Cuomo’s 2020 ambitions, they look at how America Rising PAC has been laser-focused on Cuomo’s ethical and political failings:

“And perhaps most tellingly of all, the America Rising PAC – the rabid pit bull of the Republican establishment – attacked Cuomo before it bit into any of the other prospective Democratic contenders. America Rising PAC now devotes an entire page on its website to cutting down Cuomo, featuring headlines such as ‘Andrew Cuomo’s Unethical Administration Worse Than Previously Thought.'”

While Cuomo’s unethical administration has been the number one issue, America Rising PAC has also shined a spotlight on his administrations many other failings:

“America Rising PAC also takes issue with what it calls Cuomo’s ‘ideological contortions,’ while criticizing his ‘Buffalo Billion’ for not producing jobs. In addition, the Republican attack group blames the governor in part for recent problems with the New York City subway.”

Yet, no issue poses more of a threat to Cuomo’s political career then the massive corruption trial set to begin later this year. For Cuomo, the Percoco trial is something so significant, that it could stop his national ambitions by itself:

“Looming over Cuomo 2020 more than anything else is the coming trial of some of his aides and allies in corruption cases that stretch from Buffalo to Orange County.”

Andrew Cuomo career’s has been defined by unceasing political striving. Yet as Cuomo attempts his biggest political challenge to date, America Rising PAC’s dedication to holding him accountable will only increase.