January 16, 2018

Andrew Cuomo’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike Hypocrisy

Andrew Cuomo’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike Hypocrisy

During Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2011 inauguration he made a promise to all New Yorkers. In his speech, Governor Cuomo told New Yorkers that they would face “no new taxes, period”:

“Mr. Cuomo began his first term by laying out an economic agenda that would limit taxes and spending. He campaigned on a promise of not raising taxes — ‘I say no new taxes, period,’ he declared on the day of his inauguration — and he repeated that message many times this year. At times, Mr. Cuomo found himself more closely aligned with Republicans than Democrats.”

Governor Cuomo has already broken this promise, but today, during his budget speech, he took that duplicity to a new level, proposing $1 billion in new taxes and fees:

New Yorkers already knew that Governor Cuomo’s word meant little. Today is just further proof of that sad fact.