February 17, 2017

Andrew Cuomo’s Tax Hike Hypocrisy

As he postures for a presidential bid, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is breaking his word not to raise taxes. In his 2011 inauguration, Cuomo infamously promised, “I say no new taxes, period”:

“Mr. Cuomo began his first term by laying out an economic agenda that would limit taxes and spending. He campaigned on a promise of not raising taxes — ‘I say no new taxes, period,’ he declared on the day of his inauguration — and he repeated that message many times this year. At times, Mr. Cuomo found himself more closely aligned with Republicans than Democrats.”

Flash forward six years and Cuomo has clearly broken that important pledge. Even more egregiously, the governor is seeking to minimize his broken promise. Cuomo described his tax as a “slight inconvenience” and ridiculously claimed that he was being “very careful about the tax rate.”

Adding to the craven nature of it all, Cuomo said in 2011 that he wouldn’t be swayed by political pressure on the tax issue Yet as the New York Post pointed out in an editorial, Cuomo never stuck “to his word”:

“Keeping it now will help ensure New York state still has the nation’s heaviest tax burden — which Cuomo once rightly said wrecks New York’s prospects for a ‘rosy economic future.’ Too bad this Cuomo can’t stick to his word.”

Cuomo is doing everything in his power to get right with the leftist activists currently taking over the Democratic Party. Yet, Cuomo’s obvious political motives make it likely he’ll have as much success as fellow New Yorker Hillary Clinton did.