January 28, 2019

NJ-03: Andy Kim Criticized at Town Hall for Backing Pelosi

Yesterday, Rep. Andy Kim (NJ-03) held his first town hall meeting since taking office. He was confronted by a constituent who wanted an explanation as to why he voted in favor of Pelosi for Speaker:

Burlington County Times: “’I did vote for you. And I know a lot of registered Republicans who did,’ said one resident. ‘I was really on the fence, but the thing that changed my mind in your favor was your promise not to vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker… but that really on day one left a bad taste in my mouth.’”

Kim struggled to defend his vote and asked constituents at the town hall to “give [him] a chance” and hoped that they would “understand” his decision.

Kim had campaigned on a the “need for new leadership,” but broke his promise with his first official vote in congress.