May 19, 2017

Another Awful Review For Elizabeth Warren’s Book

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new book and the following book tour was the soft launch of her 2020 presidential campaign. Yet if content of the book is a preview of Warren’s campaign messaging, she’s in big trouble. Some of the reviews of Warren’s book have knocked the book as “incomplete” and “condescending.”

Today, Reuters published their review of Warren’s book. It was another scorching review. Gina Chon, the reviewer, starts by slamming the “solutions” Warren offers, calling them “empty slogans”:

“In just four years in the Senate, Warren’s national profile has risen quickly. Her impassioned speeches criticizing bankers made her a darling among liberals. That vitriol is on stark display in the book. She also lists the mistakes the Democratic Party made in 2016. However, her solutions are more like empty campaign slogans: demand democracy, build opportunity and fight.”

Chon continues to knock Warren’s book when she writes that the most surprising revelation in the book is Warren’s alleged love for the HBO show Ballers:

“The main lesson Warren appears to have learned from the 2016 campaign is to double down on her anger. She doesn’t present any new or unexpected ideas. Indeed, the most surprising disclosure comes on the book’s first page, where Warren reveals that she and her husband spent election night watching ‘Ballers,’ an HBO comedy starring Dwayne Johnson, the actor and former wrestler known as The Rock.”

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Warren book without examples of breathtaking hypocrisy. Chon notes that while Warren is quick to criticize Republican donors, Democratic donors curiously merit no mentions in book:

“Warren criticizes wealthy Republican donors like the Koch brothers, but not Democrat-supporting hedge fund billionaires such as Tom Steyer and George Soros.”

The Reuters review concludes with one more critique of Warren’s ability to have success on the national stage. Chon says that the “broken-record rhetoric in [Warren’s] book” won’t “entice” anyone that doesn’t live in a liberal enclave to support her future campaign. America Rising completely agrees.