July 13, 2017

AP Exposes Joe Donnelly’s Outsourcing Hypocrisy

In the past, Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) has been a vocal opponent of the “corporate greed” that leads corporations to send jobs to Mexico. Yet a blockbuster Associated Press story has exposed that when Senator Donnelly made those comments, he might as well have been talking about himself.

The Associated Press has reported that Senator Donnelly’s family company profits from outsourcing jobs to Mexico:

“However, an arts and crafts business Donnelly’s family has owned for generations is capitalizing on some of the very trade policies — and low-paid foreign labor — the senator has denounced. For more than a year, Stewart Superior Corp. and its subsidiaries have been shipping thousands of pounds of raw materials to Mexico, where the company has a factory that produces ink pads and other supplies…”

Perhaps Donnelly’s hypocrisy doesn’t bother him too much because he’s made tens of thousands profiting from the very outsourcing practices he claims to oppose. Just last year, Donnelly made as much as $50,000:

“Although Donnelly’s brother runs the company, the senator previously served as a corporate officer and its general counsel before he was first elected to Congress in 2006. In a financial disclosure form he filed in May, Donnelly reported owning as much as $50,000 in company stock and earning between $15,001 and $50,000 in dividends on it in 2016 alone.”

Donnelly once said that outsourcing was just “a fancy term for ‘Someone in Indiana has just lost their job.’” Donnelly’s massive outsourcing profits mean that next he’ll be able to blame outsourcing for why he’s no longer a Senator.