June 5, 2017

Avoiding CNN Debate Shows Ossoff Knows His National Profile Is A Weakness

With Election Day only 15 days away, debates in the Georgia-6 special election are about to start. One outlet who wants to host a debate but can’t is CNN. Jon Ossoff’s campaign quashed that debate from happening. Yet by declining the invitation Ossoff’s campaign only highlighted their strategy to have it both ways:

“As we’ve pointed out before, Ossoff has had a strategy of keeping his personal message local, concentrating on federal spending and economic development. The Democrat left it to others, including high-spending Super PACs, to characterize his campaign as a protest against the inauguration of President Donald Trump.”

Ossoff’s campaign is almost completely reliant on out of state liberals for their funding and support. After all, Ossoff’s campaign admitted that 95% of his campaign donors come from outside the state. Additionally, Ossoff has not denied himself the campaign cash that comes with being supported by Nancy Pelosi, DC lobbyists, and Hollywood actors.

Ossoff’s campaign raised millions from states like California and New York, so it’s quite hilarious that they now want to pretend Ossoff hasn’t been running his campaign as the face of the national resistance movement.

At every step of his campaign, Ossoff has been a disingenuous dissembler. His resume was packed with lies, his “small business” credentials were exaggerated, and now he wants Georgia voters to ignore his national liberal ties. Unfortunately for Ossoff, his status as a national liberal is so well-established that even avoiding the CNN will do nothing to prevent voters from being reminded of that fact.