January 25, 2017

BADGERGATE: Tammy Baldwin Shockingly Calls The Badger A “Little Rodent”

Some politicians avoid grievously insulting points of pride for their states, then there’s Wisconsin’s Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin. In an interview with the Shepherd Express, Baldwin took a shot at the University of Wisconsin’s beloved badger mascot, calling it a “little rodent”:

“Baldwin: Wisconsin is at its core all about the dignity of work, the work ethic. I like to remind people that we are called the Badger State not because there is an abundance of little rodents, little badgers running around, but because the miners in the 1800s in southwestern Wisconsin often sheltered in their mines and when they emerged were scoffed at as badgers. And we turned it into a badge of honor that speaks to our work ethic.”

Rodents are disgusting creatures. Frankly, it’s insulting to the many University of Wisconsin students and alumni to compare a badger, which is not a rodent, to a common, revolting rat. The people of Wisconsin have a tremendous love for their badger mascot, and Senator Baldwin has shown she couldn’t care less about that affection. Baldwin’s shocking comments now put her in the same league as John Kerry who infamously called Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, Lambert Field.