May 16, 2017

BREAKING: Rob Quist’s Financial Excuses Exposed As Lies

Throughout Rob Quist’s quixotic campaign for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat, he’s been dogged by persistent stories detailing his financial woes. Quist’s consistent refrain when questioned about his tax liens and unpaid debts has been that it’s all because of “botched surgery” from decades ago:

“Rob Quist, the Democrat candidate for Montana’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, says more than $27,000 of unpaid debts and property taxes – which he paid off within the last year – stem from financial problems caused by medical and other costs from a botched surgery 20 years ago.”

As Quist tells it, he couldn’t pay his debts because his budding music career was derailed. According to a new Washington Free Beacon investigation, Quist isn’t telling the truth. The Free Beacon report shows that the surgeon completely denied Quist’s charges, while at the same time uncovering some troubling details about Quist’s personal life:

“The doctor, a surgeon named Dr. Roch Boyer who is still working in Montana, denied all allegations of wrongdoing put forth by Quist, stating that he acted appropriately during the procedure. He also set out to learn more about Quist, who claimed that the doctor’s actions resulted in a deterioration of his health, career, and relationship with his family. Among the findings were that Quist entered the procedure with a preexisting genital herpes condition, had previously tested positive for tuberculosis, and had confided in a marriage counselor tasked with saving his ‘failing marriage’ that he smoked marijuana.”

The surgeon’s defense also would have presented evidence that the idea that Quist’s music career was about to take off is nothing but a fantasy:

“‘Given Mr. Quist’s age and choice of the kind of singer he has chosen to be, and the type of competition that exists in the country music market today, it is extremely unlikely that Mr. Quist could have become a country music star, regardless of whether he had suffered an injury,’ the executives were to explain.”

Perhaps to avoid a further airing of his painful and embarrassing personal history, Quist eventually agreed that his case should be dropped:

“One month after the doctor’s lawyer refused to exclude mention of Quist’s preexisting condition, tuberculosis, and drug use from his case, the two sides agreed that the case could be dismissed.”

Rob Quist has been lying to Montanans for months about his financial problems, and now he’s been caught. This latest Washington Free Beacon shows for all to see that Quist is nothing but a fraud and a phony, completely unfit for Congress.