January 31, 2019

Bullock in Hot Water Over Former Staffer’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

Montana Governor and former Democratic Governors Association chairman, Steve Bullock, is catching heat from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for not disclosing that his former top aide, Kevin O’Brien, was fired from the DGA over sexual harassment complaints in December 2015. O’Brien, who began working for de Blasio in early 2016, was fired from the mayor’s office over sexual harassment complaints in 2017.

Bullock, who knew the reason for O’Brien’s termination, chose not to warn de Blasio’s office of O’Brien’s actions. Bullock’s spokesperson told the Helena Independent Record that Bullock did not tell de Blasio about the dismissal because he believed O’Brien would not harass women again after his firing from the Democratic Governors Association.”

As Bullock contemplates a potential 2020 run for either the U.S. Senate or the White House, it is clear that he lacks the leadership ability to hold either office.