April 18, 2017

“Clearly Running”

While Elizabeth Warren has taken to falling silent when pressed about her plans to run for president, her actions tell a very different story. It’s because of Warren’s clear moves toward a presidential run that America Rising finds ourselves in the unusual position of favorably contrasting Ted Kennedy with Elizabeth Warren in our new video “Clearly Running.”

As the Washington Examiner points out, we are “not sympathetic to Kennedy’s ideological bent,” but it’s undeniable that Kennedy had a long record of Senate accomplishments for Massachusetts. The same cannot be said for Elizabeth Warren. Warren has not sponsored a single significant bill that has become law in the four years she’s been in the Senate. According to The New Yorker, Warren has “struggled” to lived up to the campaign hype because she hasn’t accomplished anything in the Senate:

“Throughout her campaign, she said that she wouldn’t go to Washington to be a polite senator who got along with her colleagues but accomplished nothing. In the Senate, Warren has struggled to live up to the promises of her campaign.”

As “Clearly Running” outlines, Warren has no Senate record to run on. During Warren’s book tour, watch for her to stumble or quickly pivot to rehearsed talking points when asked to name a single Senate accomplishment.