March 10, 2017

Cuomo Embraces Sanders’ Extreme Ideas With Potentially Disastrous Results

As he postures for a 2020 presidential run, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is learning the perils of embracing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his extreme ideas this week. In January, Governor Cuomo rubbed shoulders with Sanders at LaGuardia Community College to announce a plan for so-called “free college.” Yet now the reviews are in on the Cuomo-Sanders plan, and they aren’t pretty

The Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities in New York assessed the Cuomo-Sanders tuition plan and estimated that 54,079 fewer students would enroll in the private colleges of New York if this plan became a reality. The effects on jobs would be devastating because they believe the Cuomo-Sanders plan would mean 44,693 jobs lost in the state.

According to Mary Beth Labate, Cuomo’s former budget director, the damaging effects of Cuomo’s ill-thought out plan are already being felt in New York:

“Mary Beth Labate, a former State University of New York official who once served as Cuomo’s budget director, is the president of the commission. She said the negative effects of the free tuition discussion are already being observed. ‘Words move markets,’ she said. ‘Enrollment is in jeopardy, capital projects have been put on hold and campuses are making plans for a series of layoffs in the coming months to close potential gaps.’ Private college leaders have expressed concerns about Cuomo’s proposal since it was first unveiled in January.”

Like Hillary Clinton before him, Cuomo knows he must pander to the far-left base to have a prayer in 2020. Unfortunately for New York, Cuomo’s actually able to implement Sanders’ pie in the sky ideas, which means he’ll own the very real consequences if his plans turn into reality.