July 18, 2017

Cuomo’s Job Approval Numbers Underwater As His MTA Incompetence Grows

Last week, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s poll numbers had plummeted to “near record lows.” Since then Governor Cuomo’s poll numbers have actually gotten worse. A new Siena College poll today shows that a majority of New Yorkers disapproval of the Governor’s job performance. This new poll represents a swing of 17 points downward in just two months:

“Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg noted that dips in Cuomo’s job performance (a negative 43-55 rating, down from 51-46 in May) and re-elect numbers (46 percent say they would return him to office, compared to 53 percent in May) are driven by downstate voters.”

Significantly, it is Governor Cuomo’s staggering MTA ineptitude that is driving these dreadful numbers. Given that a paltry 26% of New Yorkers give Cuomo positive marks for his “handling mass transit run by the MTA,” this issue is directly connected to Cuomo’s worsening re-election prospects:

“‘It appears likely that a major reason for Cuomo’s lower poll numbers relate to issues surrounding the MTA, for which only about one-quarter of voters – downstate and upstate – rate Cuomo positively,’ Greenberg said. ‘While Cuomo’s re-elect and job performance ratings fell by 23 and 27 points, respectively, among voters in the MTA region…'”

Unfortunately for Governor Cuomo, the drumbeat of negative news for him shows no sign of abating. If the covers of the today’s New York Post and the New York Daily News are any indication, Cuomo should get used to having such terrible poll numbers: