February 16, 2017

Daily Dem Civil War: Leftist Protesters Pressure Tom Perez On Primaries

With the DNC vote just over one week away, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez continues to be negatively affected by his credentials as the candidate of the establishment. The Democratic civil war is being fought so viciously now, that Perez is being constantly question about whether he’ll support the demands of extreme activists.

Last night’s Women’s National Democratic Club event featuring the field of DNC candidates was a perfect encapsulation of the problems facing Perez. During a panel discussion, protesters interrupted Perez and demanded he support the primarying of incumbent Democrats who are insufficiently obstructionist:

Perez clearly dodged that question, which only furthers the protesters argument that Perez is the candidate of the failed Obama-Clinton establishment. If Perez happens to win the vote on February 25th, how he’ll act when Senators up for re-election are primaried will be a looming question.

According to a report by NBC News, a new activist PAC has formed with the sole purpose being to primary sitting Democratic members of Congress:

“A new progressive Political Action Committee plans to recruit and fund primary opponents to Democratic members of Congress that it feels are not aggressive enough in fighting President Donald Trump. WeWillReplaceYou.org was formed by a group of progressive activists with backgrounds in the Bernie Sanders campaign, the environmental movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the DREAMer movement of young undocumented immigrants.”

With the DNC vote next week, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez is clearly the candidate of the establishment. That title doesn’t bode well amidst the vicious Democratic civil war taking place right now.