April 26, 2017

Democrat John Bel Edwards’ Unpopular Tax Hike Plan Implodes

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ (D-LA) was handed an embarrassing loss when his catastrophe of a tax plan couldn’t even make it out of the Ways and Means committee.

This defeat was not a surprise though, as the plan has been snake-bitten from the start. Since Edwards rolled out the plan Republicans, Democrats, tax experts, and business groups all said it’d be awful for Louisiana’s economy and people:

“Representatives for businesses ranging from pizzerias to oil and gas entities rallied against the amended HB 628, which would impose a 0.35 percent tax on certain companies’ gross receipts and also impose a lesser alternative fee to smaller businesses.”

One Louisiana small business owner went so far as to call the arguments Edwards made for the new tax hike “an insult”:

“’The governor says we don’t pay our fair share. Honestly? That’s an insult,’ said Mitch Rotolo, owner of Rotolo’s Pizzeria, which has 31 restaurants in four states. Rotolo has been eyeing opening a store in Alexandria. But he told lawmakers: ‘You keep putting a burden on me, I can’t go there.'”

The opposition to Edwards’ plan was so lopsided that 94 people showed up to testify against it, with only one person showing up to support it. That’s no accident though. Edwards has been in over his head since he became governor. See below for a collection of devastating headlines that show just that:

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