May 24, 2017

Democratic Civil War: California Chaos

The California Democratic Party convention went about as poorly as any worst-case scenarios could have predicted. The outgoing party chairman cursed out protesters, DNC Chairman Tom Perez was heckled, and the razor tight margin in the chairman’s contest led to accusations that the vote was rigged.

While the chaos now enveloping the California Democratic Party will have long term political consequences on the national party, there is also a negative policy component too. Although it’s true that the Sanders-backed candidate lost, Sanders and his supporters have managed to push the state party even farther to the left:

“They still managed to leave the city in a brawl over the chairmanship and the national party’s refusal to run on single-payer health care. The convention, which came after supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders won swaths of delegate slots across the state, demonstrated not just the divisions inside the party but how easily they can be exploited.”

See below for a collection of headlines that underscore just how divided the California Democratic Party is after last weekend:

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