February 13, 2017

Democratic Civil War Rages Into New Jersey

Given its pivotal role in the American Revolution, New Jersey is no stranger to conflict, so it’s fitting that the current Democratic civil war has now spilled into the Garden State. Activist liberals have been angry with Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) for a while based on his vote against importing prescription drugs. Now Booker is taking incoming fire from liberal New Jersey politicians too.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, a candidate for governor and a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016, slammed Booker’s vote:

“‘That vote against it was about protecting the pharmaceutical industry,’ said Wisniewski, who served as chairman of Sanders’ presidential campaign in New Jersey campaign chairman, told a forum in Evesham sponsored by Our Revolution New Jersey, a grass roots group whose genesis was Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.”

Booker’s vote also makes him a target for extremists within the Democratic Party because it spotlights the tremendous amount of money Booker has raised from the pharmaceutical industry. During Booker’s time in the Senate he’s received at least $389,678 in campaign donations from the pharmaceutical industry, making him susceptible to attacks from the likes of the Sanders-Warren crew.

While Booker certainly has 2020 ambitions, his problems with liberals in his home state show that he’s no match for the chaos currently enveloping the Democratic Party.