January 27, 2017

Democratic Politicians Are A Bunch Of Generals Without An Army

The Democratic Party is in the middle of a harrowing civil war. Yet a new story by the Huffington Post reports that while DC politicians are fighting amongst themselves, leftist activists are turning against all of them. Politicians like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are taking heavy incoming over actions that anger the Democratic grassroots and are “scrambling to keep up”:

“Elected Democrats are now facing the same challenge, as a fired-up progressive base is marching far ahead of the party leadership. Democrats are scrambling to keep up. This week, when progressive champions Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) voted in a Senate committee to approve the thoroughly unqualified Ben Carson to head the Housing and Urban Development Department, there was little criticism from established liberal organizations in Washington. But the grassroots lit up ― blasting them on Twitter, Facebook, in calls to their offices, and in countless emails to Huffington Post reporters, asking us what on earth their one-time heroes were doing.”

In fact, after Warren’s vote for Ben Carson, she was called “shameful” by one liberal activist, while Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas blasted Warren for her weak actions.

Meanwhile, even the large marches across the country, are now seen as a sign that the established players in the Democratic Party are being left behind. After all, none of them had a role in planning the massive marches over Inauguration weekend:

“That the votes came just days after millions poured into the streets in more than 650 women’s marches on Saturday made it that much more jarring. Those marches, after all, had not been sparked by Planned Parenthood, or the Democratic Party, or unions, or MoveOn.org, even if they did pitch in to help once it got going. Instead, they came from regular, angry people ― people who may try to replace the ones in power.”

All these factors add up to conditions more conducive to heated primary challenges for 2018 Senate Democrats. As Moveon.org’s Executive Director Illya Sheyman stated ominously, “Senate Democrats should pay attention.”