Democrats are in Disarray…Again

Democrats are in Disarray…Again

Welcome to life under a Democrat majority where your days will never grow short of failed leadership, constant infighting, and gross incompetence.

December 17, 2021
Democrats are in Disarray…Again

Senate Democrats abandoned Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” reconciliation package after failing to come to an agreement within their own caucus. The Senate parliamentarian rejected their plans to include amnesty provisions in reconciliation, and several swing district House Democrats dished to Politico Playbook about their ire with the DCCC. Welcome to another episode of Dems in Disarray.

Democrats have gone home to their constituents with little to show for their new majority. Key pillars of their activist agenda – the Build Back Better Act and a federal takeover of our election system – are left unaddressed.

The Hill: “The setbacks fueled angst within the caucus and is poised to send Democrats back home to voters—and into the 2022 midterms where Republicans are feeling increasingly bullish—with key pieces of their legislative agenda incomplete.”

Punchbowl News: “On top of that, Senate Democrats are very unhappy with Manchin and Sinema. They also seem somewhat frustrated with Biden and White House officials. The White House seems frustrated with Senate Democrats.”

Meanwhile, vulnerable House Democrats are fed up with their leadership. This morning’s Politico Playbook gave an under-the-hood look at just how deep their frustrations run with DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney.

Politico Playbook: “‘THIS IS A REAL F—ING PROBLEM’ — That’s how one vulnerable House Democrat summarized growing discord between members in battleground districts and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. That member and five others Playbook spoke with in the past week alleged that the Democratic organization whose purpose is to help the party keep the House next year is instead hurting their chances of reelection.”

Read the full story here if you haven’t already. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Piling on top of their losses this week, the Senate parliamentarian ruled against Democrats’ efforts to pack their multi-trillion spending bill with amnesty provisions.

CNN: “It’s the latest hit to the Biden administration’s immigration agenda and likely marks the end of the road for providing protections to millions of undocumented immigrants through the budget process known as reconciliation, which would not require GOP votes.”

Whitney Robertson, America Rising PAC Press Secretary: “Welcome to life under a Democrat majority where your days will never grow short of failed leadership, constant infighting, and gross incompetence.”