May 10, 2017

Democrats Get Nothing For Their Mello Controversy

Nebraska Democrat Heath Mello’s abortion leanings caused the Democratic Party a great deal of controversy during their so-called Unity Tour last month. Senator Bernie Sanders’ unwavering support for Mello created a still-lingering rift with groups like NARAL and the Daily Kos.

Now to add insult to injury, the Democratic Party didn’t even get a win out of the controversy, as Mello became the latest high-profile Democrat to lose:

“Democrats again fell just short in a closely-watched election as Heath Mello lost the Omaha mayoral race on Tuesday after a fierce debate within the national party over his anti-abortion views. His loss was a setback for supporters who argued that the Democratic National Committee and abortion rights groups were wrong to attack the anti-abortion former state senator.”

Further highlighting the missteps of national Democrats, Mello’s concession speech “hinted at the Democratic Party discord” that engulfed the party following his appearance with Sanders:

“In his concession speech, Mello hinted at the Democratic Party discord that surrounded the Sanders appearance as Mello’s anti-abortion stance came under attack. Russell declined to call the Sanders appearance a mistake, but he said the debate struck a dissonant tone for Omaha voters at a time when Mello wanted to focus on such issues as potholes and the proposed streetcar project.”

Democrats have now failed to meet expectations in Nebraska, Georgia, and Kansas. If they continue their losing streak it’s sure to have a damaging impact on party morale.