July 14, 2017

Did Joe Donnelly Time His Investment To Take Advantage Of Outsourcing To Mexico?

The magnitude of Senator Joe Donnelly’s outsourcing problems continues to grow. The Associated Press story yesterday established that while Donnelly talks a big game about outsourcing, he’s personally profited from moving jobs to Mexico.

Now a new story by the Washington Free Beacon heightens the scandal, showing that Donnelly didn’t start to invest in the outsourcing business until after the Donnelly family company moved its operations to Mexico:

“Indiana senator Joe Donnelly (D.) didn’t make substantial investments in his family’s ink business until after it moved part of its manufacturing into Mexico, and his profits have steadily increased in the years since, according to financial disclosure forms.”

According to the company’s operations manager, the timeline of Donnelly’s investment coincides almost perfectly with the company’s effort to move American jobs to Mexico:

“Julie Paramo, the company’s operations manager, said the company moved some of its manufacturing of ink stamp pads to a factory in Guadalajara five years ago—right around the time that Donnelly began directly investing in the longtime family business run by his brother.”

Donnelly’s outsourcing hypocrisy is even more disgusting when you learn that he’s currently sponsoring an “End Outsourcing Act” in the Senate. Apparently, Donnelly wants to set the rules on outsourcing, but isn’t willing to abide by them.