January 6, 2017

DNC Candidate Keith Ellison Takes Anti-Israel Vote

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) has seen his bid to become DNC Chairman complicated by his past close ties to the Nation of Islam and his strong anti-Israel views. Last night Ellison joined 76 other Congressional Democrats in voting against a House Resolution condemning the UN for its controversial resolution against Israel.

According to the Washington Post, Ellison’s vote against Israel yesterday could “affect” the DNC race:

“The vote could affect Ellison’s race for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but up to now, criticism of his stance on Israel has mostly come from outside the DNC’s membership and the congressional party. Ellison has never shied from criticism of Israel’s policies toward Palestinians, and has been filmed encouraging Muslims to get more involved in politics so that ‘a country of 7 million people’ did not entirely determine American policy in the Middle East. Last summer, he tweeted a photo from Hebron, in the West Bank, in which a critic of Israel’s policies had put up a sign calling Israel’s domestic policy ‘apartheid.’”

Last night’s vote highlights once again Ellison’s extreme views on foreign policy. If the Democratic Party decides these dangerous views are fit for someone to lead their party, all it would do is ensure their time in the political wilderness is extended.