April 19, 2017

DNC Leadership Contradicting Each Other On GA-6 Result

The senior DNC leadership needs to get on the same page. Today DNC Chairman Tom Perez and DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison are pedaling two very different messages about the GA-6 runoff result last night.

Speaking at the University of Minnesota, Ellison was pressed on the fact that last night’s result was a “disappointment” for Democrats, and didn’t deny it. Ellison added that the runoff is “going to be very tough” for Democrats to win:

Meanwhile, DNC Chairman Tom Perez, is trying to spin last night as a good result for Democrats, even though many have said that Democrats needed to get to 50% last night to have a chance of winning the seat:

In the wake of last night’s results, Democrats are already engaged in second guessing. With the mixed messaging out of the DNC, it’s clear that the Democratic Party is still in complete disarray.