April 19, 2017

During Democratic Unity Tour, Sanders Says He’s Not A Democrat

The absurdity of having Senator Bernie Sanders headline a Democratic unity tour was on full display last night. During a joint MSNBC interview with DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Sanders was asked if he was a Democrat. While sitting next to the head of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez, Sanders said no:

Sanders words are not the only thing showing his disloyalty to the Democratic Party, his actions are as well. While the DNC is desperate to get its hands on Sanders’ email list, he’s stonewalled them:

“But the party still does not have the crown jewel of email lists: that collected by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign, which has the names of millions of individuals who do not associate with the Democratic Party and were brought into the political process largely because of their affinity for the independent Vermont senator.”

To add insult to injury, Sanders is holding it back because he believes the Perez-led DNC will “misuse” the list:

“Sanders’ team has been reluctant to hand that information to the DNC out of fear that the list will be misused by the committee and under the belief that the individuals on it did not sign up as Democrats but as supporters of Sanders.”

While the media has been quick to cover the Sanders-Perez tour, these details show it’s nothing more than a charade.