April 10, 2017

During State of the State Address, John Bel Edwards Spotlights His Equal Pay Hypocrisy

In March, Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) was exposed as an equal pay hypocrite. The Washington Free Beacon exposed the fact that while Edwards talks about his support for equal pay, he only pays women in the governor’s office 82% of what men make, coming out to a $12,000 difference:

“Salary data obtained through Louisiana’s Department of State Civil Service, however, shows that Edwards has his own gender pay gap, as women working in his office make just 82 cents for each dollar earned by men. The analysis found that the median salary of the 43 women working in Edwards’ office is $55,000, which is $12,000 less than the median salary of $67,000 earned by the 23 men employed there.”

As if being exposed as a hypocrite on this issue wasn’t bad enough, Edwards used part of his State of the State address to speak on the issue today. In doing so, Edwards only highlighted his own problems on the issue:

Edwards rough tenure as governor has earned him the moniker “The Accidental Governor.” After his tone-deaf comments today, his rough stretch is only going to get worse.