March 29, 2017

Ed Rendell Exposes Casey’s Recent Leftward Shift

The Democratic Party grassroots is out for blood, and some politicians, like Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), have reacted by lurching leftward. Earlier in March, Politico reported that Senator Casey has tried to turn himself into a liberal “firebrand”:

“Sen. Bob Casey is known as easygoing and open to bipartisanship. But as the liberal base grows increasingly restive, the Pennsylvania Democrat is discovering his inner firebrand. Casey never raised his voice before the 700 constituents who turned out Sunday for his first in a series of town hall meetings — but he didn’t need to in order to send a message to the largely liberal audience. From fights over health care to the Supreme Court, Casey signaled that he’s allying with the millions of protesters who have flooded the streets to resist President Donald Trump.”

Sadly for Casey, he’s from Pennsylvania. That means that walking gaffe machine Ed Rendell feels compelled to talk about him. Speaking on MSNBC, Rendell praised Casey for being “pro-life”:

Rendell’s comment is sure to go over about as well with the left-wing activists as a cattle rancher at a vegetarian conference. Rendell probably thought he was helping Casey, yet instead he’s highlighted a potential liability in a Democratic primary.