May 12, 2017

Edwards In Trouble: Majority Of Louisiana Voters Now Say State Is Headed In Wrong Direction

Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) is having an awful year, as he has failed to deliver on issue after issue. Given that Louisianans must suffer with him as their governor for two more years, it’s no surprise that a new poll shows that a majority of voters now believe Louisiana is headed in the wrong direction:

“The survey also finds more than half of Louisianans believe the state is headed in the wrong direction. Pinsonat says in their September poll, 42 percent said the state is moving in the wrong direction, but in this latest survey, 52 percent feel that way.”

The 10% increase in this number comes as Governor Edwards’ legislative agenda has failed this year. Governor Edwards’ signature tax proposal bombed spectacularly without even coming to a vote.

Yesterday, saw another big loss for Edwards’ education agenda when the Senate Education Committee rejected Edwards’ voucher proposal. According toThe Advocate, this was just the “latest setback” for Edwards on education:

“The action marks the latest setback for the governor’s education agenda, which was battered last year and has made little headway in 2017, even with a modest list of bills.”

Governor Edwards’ continued failures make it self-evident that the state needs new leadership. Edwards just isn’t up to the task of leading the state in a positive direction, and a majority of voters are saying just that now.